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Sanctuary is an eco salon & holistic spa in downtown Lawrence, Kansas. We welcome guests of all ages, gender identifications, and nationalities to be relaxed and at ease in our space. Our mission is to uplift and support our community by offering a safe and healing environment for clean beauty and wellness.

Salts Massage
About: About Us

Our licensed massage therapist is a Lawrence local, lover of wellness, and mother of a three year old. She received her training at MTTI Wellspring in downtown Lawrence in 2009. 


After working as a massage therapist for the past ten years and formulating her craft in various work environments such as chiropractic clinics, physical therapy offices, and mountain resort spas, our LMT is pleased to once again be stationed in Lawrence to serve the people of her hometown community. 


As a huge believer in the mind - body connection, she intuitively listens to the body's needs, and digs a little deeper in hopes of providing relief to underlying issues. She loves providing someone with their very first massage experience, and enjoys assisting clients in achieving their long term goals. 


Whether you are interested in trying massage for the first time, or looking for a therapist whom you can explain your needs to very specifically, our licensed massage therapist would be honored to be a part of your wellness journey! 

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